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House of Cards Tarot

Founded by Yan Chan

Tarot Reader  •  Certificated Akashic Records Practitioner  •  Reiki Practitioner


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塔羅諮詢 I 塔羅課程 I 阿卡西紀錄 I 臼井靈氣

Tarot Reading I Tarot Courses I Akashic Records I Reiki Healing

Hello! I'm Yan Chan!

I'm a very experienced tarot reader, providing tarot reading since 2016.

I'm also a certificated Akashic Records Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner.

My tarot clients and students are constantly growing throughout the years.

I'm very keen to share my passion for tarot reading 

since it leads me to my spiritual journey.


I'm also a YouTuber, my YouTube channel is called "Yan Chan @ House of Cards Tarot".

I constantly produce "PICK A DECK" tarot reading videos,

and "RED ROOM TALK" podcasts, sharing my spirituality journey

and other topics about wellness, astrology, fortune telling...etc


Apart from providing private tarot tutorial, I also create online tarot classes on Patreon,

it is specifically created for those who are interested in online self learning.


Please feel free to contact me for Tarot Reading, Private Tutorial or Events.

Follow me on IG @yan.hoctarot to get to know more about me!

House of cards tarot tarot reading akashic records 塔羅占卜 塔羅教學  卡西紀錄


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