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Tarot Reading





可先收看我的 YouTube 頻道,了解我的解牌風格。

也可在頁底或IG Story裡查看客人好評。


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English intuitive tarot reading service.

Proficient in reading Classic Rider Waite Tarot,

Osho Zen Tarot and different Oracle Cards.

I channel messages during the reading,

provide guidance and advice

 for love & relationship, study, career,

migration, finance, spiritual growth,

issues from family of orientation...etc.

Sending you love and light, holding space and 

bringing abundance into your life.

Please check the testimonials from my clients

at the bottom of the page or more in my IG Story and google review.

Tarot reading will be done in-person or through online video call.

Please book appointment via the "Book Now" button below.

Please proceed the payment through

Payme / PayPal / FPS before the appointment. 

House of Cards Tarot Tarot Reading Tarot Class Akashic Records Reiki Healing 塔羅占卜 塔羅教學 阿卡西紀錄 臼井靈氣

Tarot Reading Booking

1.  HKD$250 / 1 題
2. HKD$650 / 1 小時 - 不限題

3. HKD$1000 / 1 小時 - 流年預測

4. HKD$1000 / 1 小時 - 靈性諮詢及療癒




1.  HKD$250 / 1 Question
2. HKD$650 / 1 hr - All You Can Ask

3. HKD$1000 / 1 hr - Yearly Prediction

4. HKD$1000 / 1 hr - Spiritual Healing

for emotional health, personal trauma or issues from family of orientation in order to regain self love.


占卜前請先透過Payme / Paypal / FPS付款。


Tarot reading will be done in person or through online video call, time is flexible. Please proceed the payment through Payme / PayPal / FPS before the appointment. 

“Guys Yan's tarot reading was spot on and so helpful! It's like therapy almost! Thanks Yan for clearing things up and also bringing stuff up that I didn't know (didn't want to acknowledge) was bothering me. She does readings via video calls too! Give it a try!“ 
- Jing -
“Such a profound and insightful reading. Your guidance and examples really helped me navigate some direction I was seeking and find some clarity on questions I've been grappling with for awhile now. Always feel so comfortable talking and opening up to you as you guide me in this spiritual process, helping me to realign
what is that is for me.“
- Regina -
“Thanks Yan for your reading. It was just what I needed at the right moment and I am super grateful that I received your very wise advice. You not only used your reading to help me see the path forward, but also offered your experience and wisdom to help me think about my troubles from a new perspective (and in fact think of it as a positive breakthrough).  Your reading helped me tremendously and I felt so much better after talking to you. Will keep you posted and definitely come back for more advice when I need it.“
- Nicole -

Book an Appointment!

Please whatsapp me to book an appointment for

Tarot Reading, Akashic Records Reading,

or Reiki Healing.



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